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World Ag Virtual 2021


Visit the NAPCO Pipe & Fittings virtual booth and chat with experts about our Ag and Water Well products, including
Certa-Set® CLIC™ and Certa-Lok® CLIC™. Admission is FREE!

World Ag Virtual 2021 Hype

Showcasing the latest NAPCO innovations in the Agricultural and Water Well segments. Click the thumbnails below to see Certa-Lok® CLIC™ and Certa-Set® CLIC™ in action.

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Meet Us at the Booth
Brad Pinnell
AG Products
  • Chat with Brad
    • Tuesday Feb 9, 9 - 11 am PST
    • Thursday Feb 10, 10 – 11 am PST
Darren Aldaco
AG Products
  • Chat with Darren
    • Wednesday, Feb 10, 9 - 11 am PST
    • Thursday, Feb 11, 9 - 10 am PST
Jeremy Johnson
Water Well Products
  • Chat with Jeremy
    • Wednesday, Feb 10, 9 - 11 am PST
    • Thursday, Feb 11, 9 - 11 am PST
Certa-Set® CLIC™

We’ve designed the leak-free Certa-Set® system to innovate the way you irrigate agricultural operations–increasing efficiency, reducing water waste and helping reduce the labor required to move pipe.

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Certa-Lok® CLIC™

The new, next generation Certa-Lok® CLIC™ offers improved tensile strength for use at greater well depths and significantly streamlines the contractor’s pipe joint assembly time, cutting it virtually in half.

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See you at the booth
We’re excited for you to join us. Register or find more event details below.
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