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Compare the Certa-Set® CLIC™ Irrigation System to Leak-Free Aluminum Pipe

Certa-Set CLIC vs Leak-free Aluminum Chart


Certa-Set® CLIC™ is Connecting You to a Smarter Future.

Introduce Mechanization using the Certa-Set® CLIC™ Irrigation System

·         Fields and crops can be cultivated with pipe in the field -- working directly under the pipe

·         Pipe is pulled in to the field using a tractor --keeping ‘people’ from walking through the field

·         Retrieve the pipe from the edge of the field -- keeping ‘people’ out of the field

Run chemicals through the Certa-Set® CLIC™ Irrigation system that cannot be processed through aluminum

·       Chemicals and fertilizers containing copper sulphate, chlorine, and/or sulfuric acid are examples of chemicals that can be processed through the Certa-Set system-- and not through aluminum pipe due to corrosion and erosion.

Certa-Set® CLIC™ is a system strong enough to handle the challenge of your day-to-day, normal farming operations

·        Certa-Set is manufactured with a proprietary PVC blend that offers impact resistance and UV protection - this PVC formulation has been in field-use by some of our customers for more than twenty years.


For More Information see the Certa-Set Irrigation System  or Contact a Representative

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